Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the results

Here's the scoop on the boot camp results.

I lost 5 1/2 inches and 11 lbs! Most of it came off the hips & thighs, and that is a good thing. I can see a lot more muscle than I used to. I'm back in what I consider my ideal weight range and feel fantastic. I went down a size or two in pants can now do 26 push-ups instead of 5. I've really improved my eating habits and although it's always easy to be critical, I'm really pleased about it in general. I've had so much fun and am so happy about how I feel that I'm going to stay on with Tami and learn to be a trainer! Good times.

These are my before & after shots. I tried to keep the same pose although I'd rather show off my "new" arms. I feel like the real difference is a lot more dramatic than the photos...proof that we should force ourselves to take more of those "befores".

Friday, July 9, 2010

6 Weeks flew by...

Hi My Most Inspiring Ladies I ever met...

I was one who could not complete the 6 weeks as I reinjured the knee and was waaaayyyy outta my league with you fitness wise..HOWEVER...I wore a dress to my sons Grad that I did not think possible, I make way different choices when I eat , I enjoy walking again...not backwards dogs upside down snakes and whatever the heck a plane is...I was pretzelled at most times trying to figure out where I should be...but you are all amazing and so uplifting and encouraging..I am glad I tried..I do not feel as thoughI failed..perhaps let some people down...but I will not give up...I may never be able to burpee into a spiderman walk superman pushup with no arms..but hey...I wore the mini dress...i chose salad not fries by choice and have not had potato chips in 6 weeks..HUGE for me... I am not eating no wheat germ yet..but never say never... good luck as you all go looking back...congrats to Tannis for the Moms to be....and all the others..but mostly Thank you Tami...for not giving up on me..encouraging me and for not judging me...but next time YELL at me..
Love to all Stay healthy..
darlene...aka Freezey!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

6 week challenge is over!

Awesome work to all of you.
I am proud of each one of you. Not everyone was able to finish the challenge, but i think everyone has made some changes in their lifestyle that they will keep. It has been a journey that i have enjoyed with each of you. I haven't received all your fit tests. I am looking forward to seeing all your results.

If any of you need ongoing support I am available for you.
Please don't hesitate to e-mail or call.

Also I'd like to  say how excited I am that Tannis is going to train with me to become a Tyson Method trainer. I couldn't be more excited and proud of her.

Keep up the healthy lifestyle ladies
lots of love

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I have had such a wonderful time!
I have been able to loose 11lbs and 4 1/2 inches!
I have gained confidence in my eating decisions...which has ALWAYS been my battle.

I am looking forward to being able to work out again (ask my husbund...I'm driving him crazy!)
I had surgery on my uterus last tues. I tried working out a bit yesterday, but definately paid for it in the evening.

Thanks's been so much fun to walk this road with you!
Who knows, maybe we'll meet here again! :-)

Monday, July 5, 2010

i will leave the workouts up

For all you ladies that want that extra week.
Makes mw happy you want the extra week.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Well Done!

Is it all over? It hardly seems like it was 6 weeks, I had a blast doing the challenge. Now for the next challenge...keeping it going! I'm looking forward to doing my fitness test in the next few days and might even post the highlights, you never know. What I do know is that I'm tightened up all over and have dropped at least one size, both top and bottom.

My girls and I are attending a small wedding on Monday and there will be no shortage of wine flowing and chips for dipping. It's only 2 nights but will be the longest I've been away from my own kitchen since changing my eating habits. There aren't really restaurants available (in my price range anyway) so we'll actually be cooking our own food. It seems fitting to spend a couple of nights at wonderful hot springs to celebrate the completion of this program. Well done to all of us!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the bad with the good

- almost everything...
- smarter eating
- stronger
- more visible muscle tone
- having fun
- working with like minded people
- underwear is saggy instead of my butt

- strained some sort of muscle in my core ( I think). Have to back off the ab work for now, boo.
- almost over
- have to go underwear shopping

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last 3 taped workouts are up

A fun mix of workouts this week, let me know what you like and dislike about them on our blog.
I always love to hear the feedback.
Good to have everyone on board again this last week.
(expect for Angela, she had to take this last week off b/c of medical reasons and will resume soon)

Charles will be doing the live workout tomorow -Tae bo
I will be doing the live workout Wednesday-Booty lift
And we will most likely team teach on Friday

lots of love


This is the last week ladies!
So give it your all, we have some fun workouts planned this week and we will review moves that you have learnt over the last 6 weeks.
I am proud of you all for making it this far, even thou a few of you had some speed bumps along the way you got back up and kept going. That is success!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

jennifer's status:

So, first it was the week of very sick children and the ER visit that put a bit of a stumbling block into the challenge. And then, I felt so exhausted. I thought it was just the difficult week with my boys. But then... we found out. I'm pregnant! Right away, I contacted Tami to see if I could continue with the workouts. She gave me the go ahead. Now... if I could just have the energy, lack of nauseousness and perhaps a stronger will. I do plan on continuing with my new habit of working out. But I have indeed had a serious break in the routine. Which makes it difficult to rejoin. So, although my fit test will not quite look like what I had planned on it looking like at the end of these six weeks... I am just so happy to have this experience of thoughtfully planning meals and intentionally working out. I never worked out, at all, with my other two pregnancies. So, this will be a first. I look forward to seeing how this changes my pregnancy and birthing experience. It has indeed been a pleasure to connect in this space with all of you as we share our experiences in this challenge. Congratulations to all of you for making it this far. And thank you all for your support.


I am so often reminded that we need to take joy in the little things in life! and lately, you know, I'm feeling pretty joyful because I am setting a healthy example for my kids!

While working out the other day, I turned around to find my 6 yr old (Olivia) was doing, perfectly executed, one armed pushups. She took great joy in the fact that I could NOT do it!
and this morning while working out, my 4 yr old (Cooper) came downstairs, gave me a big hug, and said, "woa Mom, you're smok'n hot!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I have 4 workouts up on
All of these are good and very different workouts.
I know last week was a hard week for a few of you so i am just going to leave these workouts up for this week. Pick 3 and do them, make sure to blog on the ones you choose and what you liked and didn't like about it.
You can do do it ladies!
And have fun while your doing these, that is super important.

Two Weeks Left!

I have to admit, today I felt a little discouraged but after reading Tannis' post, I feel a lot better! So thank you Tannis, I realize that I'm not alone and we all have bad days!

I was a little discouraged because I felt like I was trying really hard and just not seeing the results that I am looking for. I don't know if my expectations are too high or maybe I just need to give it some time! I've been doing awesome with the workouts. I have done all three every week plus an extra cardio session and even one yoga session that I do at work during lunch! So I'm really pumped about that! Each workout is a good one and I feel it throughout my body every time. I really like that!

As for the eating, I think that is where I have a harder time. I eat well during the week, but still working on eating more. That will be a work in progress as I need to incorporate it into my work schedule and make time for eating while at work. It is so easy to get caught up in work, meetings, calls etc. and forget to eat but I am getting better and will continue to work on this even after the challenge.

The weekends are my weak days. lol. I've changed a few of my habits and just need to keep working on it. For example, now I treat Friday as a day of the week instead of a day off. This forces me to continue eating right on Friday so that Saturday and Sunday can be a little more relaxed. I did well this Friday and Saturday but this Sunday was bad. I seem to use events on the weekend as an excuse to eat badly and that is a habit I need to break! Just because I'm at a wedding shower or a birthday doesn't mean I have to eat all the bad food in sight. I am going to continue to work on that!

Another thing I've realized about myself is that I cannot have bad food in the house or I'll eat it. I give in every time and for that reason, I just can't have tempting food in my house! I've stopped buying chips, chocolate or anything like that because if it is around I eat it. Especially after a long or stressful day at work, it seems like I am just drawn to bad food. I want to take some time to research healthy comfort foods like healthy cookies etc. that way they are around if I really need them and I won't feel so guilty afterwards.

Well, that is where I'm at right now but I'm looking forward to the next two weeks! I too will be sad when this is all over, I've really loved every moment of this!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Active Living

It's hard to believe it's been 4 weeks! I'm secretly dreading the end of the 6 weeks, wondering how I'm going to keep up the intensity of exercise. I love to be active but I don't often push myself to do that one last set or those last 15 seconds if you know what I mean. I've had such fantastic results and feel great. My shoulders and arms look quite different (to me) and the muffin top is less pronounced. Now that we've had a few beach days I'm happy to say I'm feeling more confident in my swimsuit.

I'm more aware of good posture and which muscles I'm using for everyday activities. I even noticed yesterday that the core work and focus has improved my centering on the wheel (pottery)! I'm paying more attention to doing active things with my kids. They always like to run around the yard but are so receptive to me engaging them with new ideas. I want my girls to be able to throw a proper spiral with a football, that kind of stuff. They've picked up their biking like crazy over the last week and are building "stunts" on the driveway now. I love that! It feels like a lot of pressure but these are life habits we're setting up for them...

In general I think I'm going to find it easier to keep up the new eating habits. I decided to take the weekend off of Vitabot to see what would happen. I want the changes to become increasingly internally motivated over time, rather than doing it to please a program or person. On Saturday I didn't keep track at all and I think I ended up doing quite well. At a party I parked myself beside the veggie tray instead of the chip bowl and passed on the cake. Today was different. I didn't plan to write it down but I felt so bloated and tired by evening that I decided to go back through my day and log it. Ick. I covered off most of the vitamins and minerals all right, but blew through the calories, fat, sodium and alcohol. It's important to connect it to how I'm feeling, rather than just the "failure" with numbers. Win some, lose some. It wasn't a great day but tomorrow is another one, right?

Looking forward to another week!

How to stay true to your exercise and diet routine

You started off strong, but lately you’re finding it hard to stick to that new diet or exercise program – so what gives? After that initial excitement and determination wears off, it’s hard for many women to continue exercising regularly, eating healthy, or both because things start to get in the way and excuses pile up, soon that fatty dessert becomes too enticing to resist.
You know you’ve got to get back on that exercise horse, because that’s what you do when you fall off, and girl—you have fallen way off. Here are a few ideas to get you up and moving and back on the healthy eating trail again.
Find a diet/exercise partner.
It’s always easier to do things with a friend. When it comes to dieting and working out, you won’t feel like you’re in it alone. The two of you can go out to eat healthy foods together and not feel bad about depriving yourself. You’ll be able to give support to one another and you can motivate each other to exercise on a regular schedule. Those days when you are having trouble getting going, your exercise partner will be there to challenge you on. You and your partner might enjoy shopping for smaller clothes together as a nice reward for all of the hard work.
Keep a positive attitude.
Daily affirmations are a positive way to start off your day. Positive words of praise and gratitude play a huge role in keeping you motivated to stay on track. Reward yourself for staying on your diet, especially if you’ve just fought off an overwhelming urge to eat fatty foods and opted for the turkey pita instead. Positive attitudes work for exercise as too. After your workouts concentrate on how good you feel for having completed your goals and how great your body feels afterwards. Savor that wonderful feeling of accomplishment and call it up everyday about an hour before it’s time to do one of our workouts.
Mix it up to keep it interesting.
We vary your workouts on-line to keep it fun and motivating . We try and give you something  different to look forward too. On your cardio days, choose activities that are fun and that use different muscle groups and skills. There are so many fun things to choose from like walking, jogging, skating, dancing, swimming, playing golf, tennis, volleyball, soccer or softball.
If there are exercises that you absolutely hate to do, don’t do them. Make exercise fun so you won’t dread working out and you’ll be more likely to stick with your program. Vary your diet just as you do your fitness routine. If you’re always eating the same things you will no doubt get sick of them. Still eat healthy, but try new and different foods on a regular basis.
Look in the mirror not at the scale.
Don’t always rely on that number on the scale. Buy yourself a full-length mirror and check yourself out a little bit. What do you see? Can you tell a difference in the way that you look since you started your diet and fitness program? Muscle is smaller than fat, you can lose fat and build muscle and not see much difference on the scale, but when you look in the mirror you can see the results of beautiful strong muscles strengthened and toned.

Anything that distracts the brain from the pain and discomfort that you feel during exercise can be helpful to get you through a workout. Listening to music can be extremely helpful. Our bodies naturally move to music so listening to upbeat music while you exercise actually helps you perform better. Music makes the time go by much faster because you can focus your mind on listening to particular songs and keep it from concentrating on being hot and tired. Load up your iPod with songs that you like, charge it up and take it with you on your walks, jogs or to the gym. It can be your little companion to keep you motivated.
Your health is important.
Most people want to look good, and there’s nothing wrong with that. One of the greatest benefits of healthy eating and exercise is the wonderful way that you look from the extra effort. But keep in mind that working out and eating right increases your life expectancy and improves your quality of life This alone should give you the motivation to stick to your diet and get your body moving.
Keep up the hard work Ladies!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


We have completed 4 weeks of the 6 week challenge.
Only 2 more weeks to go.
Keep up the hard work ladies, it will pay off.
I am excited to do the fit tests in 2 weeks and see how far you have come.
Keep watching what you are eating and follow what you have learnt using vitabot, it is a wonderful tool for learning how to eat better.
Remember i am here for support whenever you need it.
I am cheering you on

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tae Bo June 18 Fri

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jennifer's Update:

At the moment, I'm feeling a bit defeated. But I have not given up, oh no! The past week has been an extremely difficult one in our home.

Read HERE for more on that.

It has meant that menu planning has come to a halt and workouts have been scarce and interrupted. I'm hoping that changes really soon. But babes must come first, and households, and husbands and mamas... well, they are somewhat down on that to do list. But after last night, I have learned that this bootcamp challenge, has turned into another type of challenge for me (read the link above for more on that too.) Enlightening indeed. And I am grateful.

So be encouraged fellow challengers. Let us not only gird our bodies with strength, but our minds too. Hang in there.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Core/Yoga June 9th W.O.

W.O. by Charles Tyson

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blueberry Bran Muffins

This isn't an officially endorsed recipe, just sharing what I have! I'll list the original recipe first, then note my changes.

Blueberry Bran Muffins

Mix dry ingredients together:
3/4 c whole wheat flour
3/4 c bran
1/2 c wheat germ
1/2 c brown sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt

Add berries:
1 c blueberries or other berries if they're chopped small. Frozen is less sloppy.

Mix liquids together in separate bowl and then gently add to dry ingredients:
( no idea what happens if you stir like crazy, less fluffy?)
1 egg
3/4 c buttermilk
1/4 c oil

Bake at 400 for 20 minutes, makes about 12.

I often double it and freeze some since we're a family of 5 that eats through them pretty quickly.

My changes:

- replace buttermilk with 1% milk + about 1-2 tbsp vinegar. Let sit for a few minutes to "sour" before using
- replace oil with applesauce. I usually add a bit extra applesauce for moisture or do the 1/4 applesauce plus a tablespoon or 2 of oil, depends how you like them
- you could probably replace sugar with slightly less agave nectar based on what I've read (but haven't tried yet). I've made them without sugar and well, it wasn't the same for me. Maybe I could get used to it over time...
- egg can be replaced by 1tbsp ground flax seed that has been mixed with 2 tbsp warm water - let sit for a few minutes before using. It's not quite as moist but works.

Booty lift- Monday June 14th w.o

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday- June 9th W.o

Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend.
Take a break from working out but still watch what you are eating.
Lots of love

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tannis's Meal Plan

Or rather, what Tannis randomly eats for the first half of the day and then desperately works with to somehow make the grade by bedtime. Today was not nice - 2.55 on the GPA. A feature I hadn't seen until Jennifer posted her smoking score. I'll post one from earlier in the week.

I find I don't have much trouble meeting the Weight Control and Heart Health categories but often fall short on the Vitamins and Minerals categories. What was really fun to see is how my nutrition has improved overall since I started. I keep focusing on the parts I'm *not* getting, rather than how far I've come. That's ridiculous, I've made fabulous improvements thanks to this!

Millet rice cereal with blueberries, strawberries & 1% milk
Small slice whole grain toast with 1/2 tbsp peanut butter
Mug coffee (black)

Omelet - 2 scrambled eggs, spinach & peppers (no fat added)
- on small slice whole grain toast, no butter or cheese!

2 medium baked potatoes, no fat added, peel eaten
A big pile of broccoli & cauliflower, steamed
Home made cheese sauce, 1/4 c
Glass white wine

22 almonds
Small, home made, high fiber/low fat muffin with fruit
Popcorn, air popped & buttered, 1/3c
Tea, decaf
Yogurt - plain, non-fat, 3/4 cup
Banana - 1/4 of medium size
Wheat germ, 1/2 cup (mixed into yogurt with banana)

Jennifer's Menu:

I love the idea of sharing our menus with one another. Thanks Tami, for suggesting it. I will post my best day- with an overall "GPA" of 3.96. Don't be fooled! Yesterday, my "GPA" was 2.19- and I failed my alcohol intake completely, with 2 FULL glasses of wine! :) I must admit, logging into Vitabot daily takes a lot of time. And a lot of thought. I have been really excited about what I am learning from it. But the honeymoon feels like it is over. I simply do not have enough time to spend planning AND working out. With that confession, however, comes the greatest gratitude... because this program has really opened my eyes.

1 mug coffee
1/4 cup milk
3 tsp. sugar

(Since this menu planning day, I have gone to straight black coffee. An adjustment indeed. I used to use half and half. I miss it DEARLY. I can do without the sugar. But I do miss my creamy goodness.)

1 bottle RAIN soul (antioxidant drink)
2 small, homemade zucchini muffins
1 6 oz nonfat yogurt
1 banana
1/4 cup oatmeal
3/4 cup orange juice

1 carrot (not the baby ones... the real deal! they actually taste like carrots!)
1 celery
3 Tbsp. hummus
1 slice whole wheat bread, toasted
1/2 can tuna (dry)
3 slices avocado
1 cup shredded lettuce
1/2 cup dried apricots

1 tortilla with chicken + veggies- fajitas
1/4 cup raw, shredded spinach
1/2 cup homemade pico de gallo salsa
1 glass red wine

1 packet RAIN storm (workout recovery drink)
1/2 cup raisins
2 cups popcorn
1/4 cup almonds

I can't wait to see all of your meal planning ideas.

Oh, and FYI- because these plans are individualized, keep in mind my calorie intake is higher because I am still nursing my babe. Although, I have seldom met their suggested calorie intake... it just seems like a lot of food to get to throughout the day.

Lovin our challengers food intake

Would you be willing to share a day with us?
I think it might be helpful if we share with each other and do some blogging on it. We can all learn from each other that way.
Looking forward to it
lots of love

June 7th, Wednesday workout

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Need Tips

Does anyone have ideas on how to get through the PMS bloat days without feeling like things are going backwards? I know it's a stage and will pass, but right now I feel like I'm losing ground, even though I'm still working out and haven't blown the eating!


Life is good!
The kids are in bed,
my legs are burning,
my tummy is tight(er),
I'm already drooling over the broccoli that I'm planning on eating tomorrow (seriously-I am),
now that Tami has given us her blessing ;-p
I am going to enjoy a little splash of red wine!
Cheers to all of you who find the time to better yourself, so that you may in turn brighten the corner you are in!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I feel like the challenge is going amazingly well. My eating has improved a lot and I'm already seeing changes in muscle tone. My biggest challenge right now is to find overall balance. I've put a lot more energy into eating well and getting exercise which is essential for well-being and health. It has meant that a little less energy is going into other things I love though, like making pottery, journalling, and gardening. The kids are a bit weary of seeing me at my laptop working on vitabot!

Food-wise I feel like I've taken a step back this week. After a few of my best nutrition days my stomach started acting up. I get crampy and react badly to a whole host of good foods when I'm "off". I have no idea what it is but the change in my diet triggered it and now I have to figure it out. One thing I caught myself doing is "saving" calories in case I'm hungry later in the day. What that amounts to is more eating, later in the day of course. It's not my natural rhythm and not what I want to be doing. I'm cramming in an evening snack to boost my numbers. Deep breath. Balance.

On the upside, I had an insanely fun (and tiring) weekend at a mountain bike camp. I am still a bit stiff but had a blast pushing myself in a different way. Tami worked us hard on Monday too! That was one of my more challenging sessions, which means I loved it. It hit the butt/thighs, upper body, and core while keeping the heart rate up. I was feeling the burn like crazy.

Still at it!!

Workouts have been a challenge as I tweaked my not an excuse the truth but I refuse to give up so I have been really watching what I eat and trying to follow Tami's eat smaller but more often advice. I try to get mostly A's on the chart and have not got there yet..not sure what this wheat germ is that seems to be suggested to finish my days everytime.I will check it out ... But I am proud of myself for a couple of things that Tami has helped me succeed at...just by knowing she is supportive and there watching I was able to overcome something I have NEVER been able to overcome before.emotional eating I used to joke, yet knew it was true, did not matter what emotion I ate...this week I found out my son was moving away and we had three days to get him dressed as an adult, which meant shopping all day and eating at malls!!! WOO HOO NO fries for me.1st time EVER!!! My comfort food has always been potato chips, NONE not even one!! had a get together to send him off, served healthy dinner, and veggies and dip...just veggies for me...and NO drinks!! I did cheat and had a diet coke..but hey I had to! Then I baked him some goodies to tiny taste to ensure they were sendable and packed them all up. Then there was the send off...and the many hugs and tears but I came back in drank water had a coffee then a sensible breakfast... this is a success for me. Then stepping on the scale I am down 6 pounds...and feel great, not feeling like I missing of tomorrow I can start the workouts full again..well full to the low impact no tweaking knee capacity...rather than just the walks and ab work outs...I can hardly wait to try the Tae Bo one and others...Heres to week 3!!

My food journal since cutting out Gluten

6:00-3 cups of warm water and then coffee with agave nector
7:00-oatmeal with agave nector and almond milk
8:00- my vitamin/mineral/protein  shake
8:30- multi vitamin, omega 3
10:30-raw potato
12:00-rice wrap with chicken breast and tomato sauce and a little cheese on it
2:00- carrot
3:00- banana
4:00- sweet potato with squash and gluten free pasta(i cooked it in coconut oil)
5:00- carrot
7:30-pop corn(just a handful, not sure how the baby will react tomorrow)

I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day
I drink 6-8 cups of tea a day
I often have 1/2 a glass of red wine at the end of the day

Approximately 2000 calories
And my calcium was low( i usually have this problem so i take a calcium supplement when i remember)

Week three here we come

This is a note to encourage you to keep on going.
Often after 2 weeks the excitement of the whole thing can start wearing off.
So now is the time to buckle up and give it your all.

Keep doing our 3 taped or live workouts each week.
And then ad in 1-2 cardio days either on your own or we have a few cardio days up on the site.

I am loving all your feedback, and reading your blogs.
Keep it up, and please make sure and contact me with any questions, concerns, or even a little encouragement. 
I am available for you!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Agave Nector-Make the Switch

Make the healthier choice!
We don't even have sugar in our house.
We substitute it for Agave Nector. It took a little while to get used to it, but know I am completely used to it and don't even miss the sugar.

Agave is rich in vitamin B, C, D, E, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, and chromium.

So make the switch to a healthier home

Week Two DONE!!

Hello Ladies!

Can't believe week two of the challenge is already complete! So far, workouts are going really good! I've been doing all three workouts, live for Mondays and Wednesdays and then on my own for Friday! I've also been adding in an extra cardio day each week! I push myself to the limit each time, and sure feel it the next day! Feels GREAT!!!

Diet has been doing good. I still have to work on eating more, eating smaller portions, more often. It is a routine that I have to get into, which is sometimes hard with work. I'm in and out of the office all week and often get so busy that I forget to eat and then when I get home I am sooo hungry and have a bigger supper! I'm noticing progress each week so I just have to keep working on it! I bought myself a whole bunch of healthy foods to keep at work so hopefully this will help.

This weekend was my birthday so my diet kinda slipped but I am allowing that since it was my birthday!! However, with that said, I planned ahead! Friday we went out for drinks with some friends and normally I wouldn't eat before and just have snacks at the restaurant/bar but instead we had a healthy supper and I didn't have any snacks at all!! Same thing Saturday, I knew we would be eating a lot of fatty snacks in the evening as we had people over for my birthday so I planned ahead and ate a good supper so that I wouldn't be as hungry later on! Sounds pretty simple, but it is something I didn't do before so I'm proud of myself!!

Looking so forward to the upcoming weeks!!! Summer is almost here and I want to look HOT!! lol.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

MONDAY w.o. June 7th

Friday, June 4, 2010

Example of what i eat most days that is

7:00 am -oatmeal with agave nectar and almond milk
8:00 am- an orange
9:00 am - banana & meal replacement drink
11:30 am - carrot
12:00 noon- clif bar (trader joes)
1:00 pm - mixed greens salad 1/2 tsp dresssing
2:00 pm - brown rice wrap, tomato sauce, chicken and a little pinch of bacon, cheese
4:00 pm - Chicken, brown rice and peas
6:00 pm - carrot and maybe a raw potato(yes i know it's weird)
Night snack- if any i have popcorn or maybe a salad

That is a pretty average day for me.
I just recently had to cut out nuts(because Sykara might be allergic) which is usually a big part of my snacks. I also often snack on rasins or a hand full of flax. I also had to cut out gluten, which means bread. It has made a huge difference in my tummy in a matter of 3 days. I have a multivitamin and my meal replacement shake has a ton of good stuff in it as well. Oh yea, i drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. as well as 6 cups of tea.(gotta make milk for my baby)

 1800-2000 calories

Hope that helps ladies!!

w.o. for those of you that don't go live

Workout for today is called tae bo core 0602

The girls who did it loved it.
Make sure to blog about how you liked it
Have fun, and watch what your eating this weekend, cause I'll be checking.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Ladies, I just have to let you know that you ALL inspire my. I'm eating my lunch and reading all your new posts. Thanks so much for keeping me motivated!


Cardio and booty lift are on this link
Please keep letting us know how you are liking or not liking the workouts
We love the feedback
Thanks so much

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Miracle Food

Apparently wheat germ is the magic bullet for my diet. It comes up almost all the time as a suggestion. Proof that this program is getting under my skin? Tonight I snacked on plain non-fat yogurt with a pile of wheat germ and some token fruit, just to see those "A"'s. These are not choices I've ever made before. I might not make that particular one again, I need to pay more attention at the beginning of the day and plan ahead.

Great workout with Charles today! We had some video trouble which did strange things to the timing but it mostly sorted itself out. I love how he challenges me on some of the strength moves. Was it the Bruce Lee push-up? I'll be trying on getting that one right for a looooong time. I worked some core muscles that I've never isolated before - it was the side hip raise move, that's as technical as I can get with describing it. New tricks! I think he may even have said that one was good for the "love handle" area, woo hoo!

The Booty-lift Rocks!

Phew. That Booty-lift workout was GOOD. Just finished. 50 minutes. Wow. I love all the reminders Tami: push from your heels, breathe, suck in your tummy, etc. Way helpful when I am focusing on form. It's easy to forget those little things. Really liked working with the weights. I felt a bit validated, having 5 lb. weights and hearing you mention about 5 lb. weights. Also... my bench was HIGH. So ouch on those leg lifts. But oh, so good. But the AB workout killed me. Those leg lifts, I simply could not do them all. But I pushed and did what I could. The stretching at the end was great. It felt soooooo good. My favorite session yet. Thanks. xox


Oh Wow I am pumped to try the workout from today...I do have to take today off as I have stressed my knee but it is it and I can slowly go back at it tomorrow and then ease back...apparently you should not go from nothing to everyday and expect your weak knee to keep is not reinjured woohoo just telling me today that I need to cut back a wwweeee bit... love reading the ideas the thoughts and all the encouragements on here..TAMI thank you so much for the knee instructions today love it ... you are quite famous here..who knew... I mentioned I was working out to a Lady in LA named... and two people screamed are you working out with Tami?? I am telling you I had no idea your fame..I am more humbled to be accepted in your challenge... heres to a fabulous day!

Jennifer's Update:

On being a carbivore... go HERE.

{thanks for the idea Tannis, easier to post and link!}

Link to Wednesdays workout-Booty Lift!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

one week in...

Hello Ladies. I've read all your posts and worked out virtually with Tannis (not live). My name is Kristin. I met Tami last year when I was her daughter's 1st grade teacher! (Best girl, best parents.) I always wanted to join the bootcamp for moms, but I had to teach. The only silver lining to being laid-off has been getting BACK in shape with Tami!

I used to be active and skinny... I was a life guard, captain of crew in college... I even taught aerobics! I got back to a healthy weight after my first 2 kids, but after my 3rd I lost some of the weight and then packed it back on. I got to a point where I just didn't care. I didn't know where to start. In September I joined Tami's bootcamp and was making progress and getting strong! Then while packing the car for Christmas Vacation I broke my ankle! Put 10 more lbs on and started the challenge last week Tuesday.

I find logging into vitabot is difficult through out the day. I have been better about watching what I eat! And all through the holiday weekend I was really good. I've done something cardio/active everyday. Today I did the Santa Monica stairs again! Woo wee! They are brutal, but I LOVE the feeling you get the hours after you really get a good workout!

I'm down 2 pounds... I guess I have 28 to go? I'm just so happy to be involved and more accountable for right now. The only way to start changing, and getting healthy, strong, and hopefully slimmer, is to start and we've all done that. Let's keep going!! :) Kristin


I'm not sure how many blogs I can keep up these days but here's a link to a post I made about the challenge on my personal blog, in case anyone is interested.

Week 2 (for me)

I sure did work up a sweat with Stacey & Tami yesterday, it felt good when it wasn't stinging my eyes. My legs feel a bit fatigued (like when I'm climbing the stairs) but I'm not really sore today, unlike last week. I think I'm still using my quads more than my glutes though - something to focus on next time. Sit that butt back! I probably shouldn't say this for fear of pain, but I think I'd like to push my abs even harder next time. I'm excited about how much stronger I could be by the time I get back into hockey in fall!

Today was my first day that really felt tough on the nutrition front. The excitement is probably wearing off a little bit and last night and throughout the day I felt a cold setting into my sinuses. I feel blah and want to curl up in bed with a pot of tea and a good book. Funny how that doesn't happen when you have 3 kids. I don't think it's a coincidence that today I was really tempted to eat all of my favourite fatty & salty foods. My comfort foods. It worked pretty well to just stay out of the kitchen or try to think of a healthier version of what I was craving. Dry popcorn instead of buttered & salted, cottage cheese instead of cheddar...

Through the food analysis I've realized that my B vitamins tend to be low with almost no B12 at all. Iron and calcium are hit and miss. I don't think I would have come across that information if I hadn't been tracking this closely. Some things to keep my eye on.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Ok Here I am!!

Hi Everyone!
I am Darlene...I "met" Tami through a facebook challenge that my friend Kandace sent out offering us an amazing 6 week workout where in the offer did it say that I would be giving up diet where I double checked but hey I am over it... I am a mother of 2 and a step mom to 2 and I am still carrying a wee bit of the baby weight...mybaby just turned 18..yes years not months I know!!!Better late than never.. Iused to be quite "fit" as Iplayed a lot of sports 3 games of ball hockey and4 games of baseball per week..until 3 years ago at a base ball event ( sadly the windup not a game) i blew my ACL was severed and my MCL was damaged..however with our fantastic medical system I could not get surgery until last year...then re operated on March 1st of this now I am outta shape..big time! I received the ok from my surgeon and physiotherapsit to have no limitations the day I said yes to this challenge...with a few alterations as I can not yet kneel on the knee and some things are outta the question...aka Donkey kicks ha ha I will think of you as you do them... My diet plan needs attention and Tami is graciously everyday helping me out with that..who knew 30 lbs overweight had to do with what I was eating and not that I was no longer playing ball!!

All kidding aside..I am pumped to do well on this 6 week challenge...I am raring to try almost anything but will take my ol body some time to figure out the moves but I will not give up... since saying yes I have found willpower and determination through you ladies and Tami..I do not want to report I did not do it so it makes me do it! I am attempting to get the food right and will try to get the menu plan correct..I will not eat you know what they do in water??? But Hey...I am on the way..seriously If I can do this anyone can.. Here's to the best 6 week challenge ever completed!!

Thanks Tami...for not laughing your head off and for letting me be a part of your group...although I did hear laughing was good forthe abs....maybe I will film me attempting the spiderman pushups into burbee camel to cobra...and then we can all do less abs..till then drink H2O and go!!!

Challenge so far!

One week down and it feels great! Tracked my diet last week to learn something amazing, I GET TO EAT MORE!! YAY! I guess I have always been focused on eating less in order to be "healthy" and lose weight but after talking to Tami about it, we realized that I need to eat more!

I've put a few meal plans together for this week and I look forward to seeing how eating more will help increase my energy levels and boost my metabolism. My goal is to eat smaller amounts and eat more often, like every two hours! I had the day off today so I didn't follow my plan exactly but this week I'm going to work really hard to follow it perfectly!

Workouts last week were AWESOME! Thank you sooo much Tami and Charles, you guys did a great job and I REALLY appreciate all of the time and dedication you are putting into this challenge! I felt muscles that I never knew I had so it is very exciting, because I have worked out a lot before and never felt like this!

Today's workout with Tami and Tannis was hard but awesome! Man, did I sweat! It was great! I look forward to Wednesday!!

Thanks again Tami!!

before picture

A few of you have sent me your before picture and a few of you haven't.
Please just take one,and send it over.
 You'll be soo happy you did in 6 weeks.
Also a reminder to the few that haven't gotten the fit test back to me.
thanks ladies
keep up the hard work, it will be worth it !
Tami Tyson

Mondays workout 05/31/10
user name-plyocore password-0530

Here is the link for our workout today.
It is definitely one of my favorites. 
I look forward to hearing your thoughts
Have fun and work hard!

link to Tami's eating plan

I really thought a few of you needed to see this.
So please check out what i eat, it might help you to see it written down.
Bottom line for me is that i live my life full of energy and as healthy as i can be.
That is my goal, i only have one body and i want to take care of it the best way that i know how. I have a lot of plans and i want to make sure i am able to do them all with a strong body. I also want to teach my children how to live healthy, so it will just be a part of who they are. What an amazing gift to be able to give them, my mom did that for me and i am forever grateful.

Tami Tyson

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello Ladies!

This is also my first time writing, so here is a little bio of me.
I also met Tami in the 90's. She gave me a good swift kick in the butt then, and she is doing it now again!
Love you Tami!
I am married, in my mid 30's, and a mother of 3 crazy kids!
I love to work out! That has never been my problem, but I also love food. I find that so much of my day is focused on it.
I work, so if I want to feed my family a healthy meal, I've got to think about what I'm making before I'm off to work. We are very social people, so I think about what I'm going to serve on Fri night while I'm grocery shopping on Wed. It all sounds very well organized, but it leaves me constantly thinking of food! grrr
I am so looking forward to building this support group over the next few weeks.
Thanks for already being a part of my life!

Small Victory

I went to a much anticipated party tonight, knowing it was going to be a big food challenge. Although I definitely went over my target calories for the day I managed to enjoy some treats without going overboard with the food or drinks. My body feels a lot better than it normally would after a night out like that!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Loving the Challenge

This is my first post here so I thought I'd do a quick intro. I'm a reasonably fit (I thought) mother of 3 but knew my core had never been strengthened after the babies and my workouts were getting old. I wasn't getting the results as quickly as I used to so I was finally ready to take a good look at my eating habits. This challenge was perfect timing. I had a hint of what I was getting into with Tami from doing a few of her classes in, I hate to say this, the mid-90's.

I have learned more about nutrition from tracking my food for a week than I would have believed possible. It's a bit painful to see the strange things I do - it's hard to log something like 1/2 slice of cheese, 3 broken crackers and a bread crust that I picked off of my kids' plate.

The cardio workout was awesome and completely stunned my body. I was sore for 4 days! I think I'll need a short extra warm-up ahead of time for future sessions. I felt really uncoordinated during Wednesday's core workout (maybe because I was still sore?). I don't have any yoga background and apparently no ab strength to speak of. Initially I didn't think I was working that hard and then I tried those last v-sits and had nothing left, I pretty much fell over. I did my first taped session today and it didn't work out as well. I wasn't at home and the wifi was sketchy. The good news is that although I had more breaks than I should have, I ended up repeating several parts. The ab work at the end was fantastic but really tough!

Here are a few photos in case anyone is interested in seeing what I look like when I'm not blundering around on the ooVoo screen.

Around my due date for #3.

This is closer to what I look like now but it's an older photo. No snow here!

new workout 05/27/2010

Todays video can be viewed here:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

abs/cardio link

Here is the link for ABS/CARDIO
40 min workout{8528-1925-3592-2677}.flv


This week

First week of the challenge! YAY!

Really enjoyed the cardio/core workout on Tuesday! It was awesome! Wasn't really sore the next day which was good but it was DEFINITELY a great workout!

Looking forward to doing yesturday's and also Friday's. Won't be live on Friday but will get it done this weekend!!

Thanks Tami!!! xox

Jennifer's Review:

Yesterday was my official day to begin this challenge. A journey indeed. I am thankful that Tami not only considers the aspect of working our bodies, but also, sustaining our bodies with balanced nutrition. I sat in front of the meal planner for 45 minutes yesterday, just planning ONE DAY! Yikes. Apparently, I needed some help with creating balanced meals. I actually enjoyed planning our family's meals and felt great about choosing foods that compliment one another as well as our bodies. Also, it was so nice to know ahead of time just what we would be eating throughout the day. Because the great thing about this system is that my family can eat what I eat within the plan. It is food that we would normally be eating, just different combinations as well as being mindful of P O R T I O N I N G . So my new best friend... the measuring cup. And measuring spoon too!

What's for breakfast:

What's for lunch:

Now, for the workout. Wow. I haven't worked that hard, well, in a L O N G time. I did Tami's Cardio/Core session. It felt great. I worked up a sweat. I got my heart beat up. I felt exhausted. But in an exhilarating way. I felt muscles I don't think I've ever felt before. The constant up + down kicked my butt. Being that I did this session at home, for some reason I chose not to wear shoes. BIG MISTAKE. I ended up tearing off a piece of skin on my big toe. Ouch. My husband came in from walking the dog & I told him. I didn't want to stop my session though. Quick fix from the MR. first aid tape, and I was back at it again. Although in a bit of pain. Note to self: WEAR SHOES! After my workout, I was sure to rehydrate with one of our products, RAIN storm. It was my first time trying this product. So, I'm not sure if it was the product or the fact that I chose to stretch out a bit after my workout... but today, I do not hurt at all. Phew. I was worried about that. Not that I don't feel the workout today, because I do. But it feels good! Not that sore, I can barely move feeling I've had before. Just good. Thank you Tami. Not only do I adore you, your workout rocks & the nutrition plan is amazing. Praise indeed.

Thoughts from our challengers so far!

It was really good. My heart rate was nice and high and I was sure sweating so that's really good.

I feel like a superhero!

I really like your style, quite different from anything I've done before.
It's a wonderful psychological boost.  

EXCELLENT workout!!!! Thank you
I worked up a crazy sweat and feel great! EeeeeeKKKKKKK!!

I cannot wait to see what you have planned for Friday!


I Diiid it!! Sort of...

Tried the first workout...this AM and am still catching my I am outta shape it was a workout to go down and then back up you would be on your second burbee before I knew what was going on. I can not jump so I down sized the jumps to steps but still feel amazing that I stayed at it for the 40 minutes with you awesome I am outta shape you all look amazing...glad its on film and you don't have to watch!!
Thanks for the video link... must get more water/..see you soon!

NEW WORKOUT!{7169-5116-9237-9796}.flv

Charles did this workout on Wednesday for you ladies.
Have fun, and make sure to blog your thoughts about the workout.
Have a fantastic day,
Thursdays are my days to go over the food you have logged into our tracking program.
Looking forward to it.

Make it a GREAT day!
Tami Tyson

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We  did our first workout today on line.
Tannis and Stacey joined me for a tough 40 min of cardio and core.
INTENSE I must say. These girls aren't joking around.
And neither are we.

For all of you who are planning to do the taped session it is up on OOVOO for you do do anytime.

Hope to see more of you on Friday at noon (my time)
Charles and I will be training together as a team, it will be fun and motivating as well as a great way to start the weekend!

Tami Tyson

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What is this blog about?

This is  a blog for everyone doing or 6 week challenge to share their experiences and results on.
To support one another on this 6 week challenge.
I look forward to getting to know all of you better and helping you get in the best shape of your life