Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I feel like the challenge is going amazingly well. My eating has improved a lot and I'm already seeing changes in muscle tone. My biggest challenge right now is to find overall balance. I've put a lot more energy into eating well and getting exercise which is essential for well-being and health. It has meant that a little less energy is going into other things I love though, like making pottery, journalling, and gardening. The kids are a bit weary of seeing me at my laptop working on vitabot!

Food-wise I feel like I've taken a step back this week. After a few of my best nutrition days my stomach started acting up. I get crampy and react badly to a whole host of good foods when I'm "off". I have no idea what it is but the change in my diet triggered it and now I have to figure it out. One thing I caught myself doing is "saving" calories in case I'm hungry later in the day. What that amounts to is more eating, later in the day of course. It's not my natural rhythm and not what I want to be doing. I'm cramming in an evening snack to boost my numbers. Deep breath. Balance.

On the upside, I had an insanely fun (and tiring) weekend at a mountain bike camp. I am still a bit stiff but had a blast pushing myself in a different way. Tami worked us hard on Monday too! That was one of my more challenging sessions, which means I loved it. It hit the butt/thighs, upper body, and core while keeping the heart rate up. I was feeling the burn like crazy.

Still at it!!

Workouts have been a challenge as I tweaked my knee...no not an excuse the truth but I refuse to give up so I have been really watching what I eat and trying to follow Tami's eat smaller but more often advice. I try to get mostly A's on the chart and have not got there yet..not sure what this wheat germ is that seems to be suggested to finish my days everytime.I will check it out ... But I am proud of myself for a couple of things that Tami has helped me succeed at...just by knowing she is supportive and there watching I was able to overcome something I have NEVER been able to overcome before.emotional eating I used to joke, yet knew it was true, did not matter what emotion I ate...this week I found out my son was moving away and we had three days to get him dressed as an adult, which meant shopping all day and eating at malls!!! WOO HOO NO fries for me.1st time EVER!!! My comfort food has always been potato chips, NONE not even one!! had a get together to send him off, served healthy dinner, and veggies and dip...just veggies for me...and NO drinks!! I did cheat and had a diet coke..but hey I had to! Then I baked him some goodies to take..one tiny taste to ensure they were sendable and packed them all up. Then there was the send off...and the many hugs and tears but I came back in drank water had a coffee then a sensible breakfast... this is a success for me. Then stepping on the scale I am down 6 pounds...and feel great, not feeling like I missing anything...as of tomorrow I can start the workouts full again..well full to the low impact no tweaking knee capacity...rather than just the walks and ab work outs...I can hardly wait to try the Tae Bo one and others...Heres to week 3!!

My food journal since cutting out Gluten

6:00-3 cups of warm water and then coffee with agave nector
7:00-oatmeal with agave nector and almond milk
8:00- my vitamin/mineral/protein  shake
8:30- multi vitamin, omega 3
10:30-raw potato
12:00-rice wrap with chicken breast and tomato sauce and a little cheese on it
2:00- carrot
3:00- banana
4:00- sweet potato with squash and gluten free pasta(i cooked it in coconut oil)
5:00- carrot
7:30-pop corn(just a handful, not sure how the baby will react tomorrow)

I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day
I drink 6-8 cups of tea a day
I often have 1/2 a glass of red wine at the end of the day

Approximately 2000 calories
And my calcium was low( i usually have this problem so i take a calcium supplement when i remember)

Week three here we come

This is a note to encourage you to keep on going.
Often after 2 weeks the excitement of the whole thing can start wearing off.
So now is the time to buckle up and give it your all.

Keep doing our 3 taped or live workouts each week.
And then ad in 1-2 cardio days either on your own or we have a few cardio days up on the site.

I am loving all your feedback, and reading your blogs.
Keep it up, and please make sure and contact me with any questions, concerns, or even a little encouragement. 
I am available for you!