Monday, June 21, 2010


I have 4 workouts up on
All of these are good and very different workouts.
I know last week was a hard week for a few of you so i am just going to leave these workouts up for this week. Pick 3 and do them, make sure to blog on the ones you choose and what you liked and didn't like about it.
You can do do it ladies!
And have fun while your doing these, that is super important.

Two Weeks Left!

I have to admit, today I felt a little discouraged but after reading Tannis' post, I feel a lot better! So thank you Tannis, I realize that I'm not alone and we all have bad days!

I was a little discouraged because I felt like I was trying really hard and just not seeing the results that I am looking for. I don't know if my expectations are too high or maybe I just need to give it some time! I've been doing awesome with the workouts. I have done all three every week plus an extra cardio session and even one yoga session that I do at work during lunch! So I'm really pumped about that! Each workout is a good one and I feel it throughout my body every time. I really like that!

As for the eating, I think that is where I have a harder time. I eat well during the week, but still working on eating more. That will be a work in progress as I need to incorporate it into my work schedule and make time for eating while at work. It is so easy to get caught up in work, meetings, calls etc. and forget to eat but I am getting better and will continue to work on this even after the challenge.

The weekends are my weak days. lol. I've changed a few of my habits and just need to keep working on it. For example, now I treat Friday as a day of the week instead of a day off. This forces me to continue eating right on Friday so that Saturday and Sunday can be a little more relaxed. I did well this Friday and Saturday but this Sunday was bad. I seem to use events on the weekend as an excuse to eat badly and that is a habit I need to break! Just because I'm at a wedding shower or a birthday doesn't mean I have to eat all the bad food in sight. I am going to continue to work on that!

Another thing I've realized about myself is that I cannot have bad food in the house or I'll eat it. I give in every time and for that reason, I just can't have tempting food in my house! I've stopped buying chips, chocolate or anything like that because if it is around I eat it. Especially after a long or stressful day at work, it seems like I am just drawn to bad food. I want to take some time to research healthy comfort foods like healthy cookies etc. that way they are around if I really need them and I won't feel so guilty afterwards.

Well, that is where I'm at right now but I'm looking forward to the next two weeks! I too will be sad when this is all over, I've really loved every moment of this!!