Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Miracle Food

Apparently wheat germ is the magic bullet for my diet. It comes up almost all the time as a suggestion. Proof that this program is getting under my skin? Tonight I snacked on plain non-fat yogurt with a pile of wheat germ and some token fruit, just to see those "A"'s. These are not choices I've ever made before. I might not make that particular one again, I need to pay more attention at the beginning of the day and plan ahead.

Great workout with Charles today! We had some video trouble which did strange things to the timing but it mostly sorted itself out. I love how he challenges me on some of the strength moves. Was it the Bruce Lee push-up? I'll be trying on getting that one right for a looooong time. I worked some core muscles that I've never isolated before - it was the side hip raise move, that's as technical as I can get with describing it. New tricks! I think he may even have said that one was good for the "love handle" area, woo hoo!

The Booty-lift Rocks!

Phew. That Booty-lift workout was GOOD. Just finished. 50 minutes. Wow. I love all the reminders Tami: push from your heels, breathe, suck in your tummy, etc. Way helpful when I am focusing on form. It's easy to forget those little things. Really liked working with the weights. I felt a bit validated, having 5 lb. weights and hearing you mention about 5 lb. weights. Also... my bench was HIGH. So ouch on those leg lifts. But oh, so good. But the AB workout killed me. Those leg lifts, I simply could not do them all. But I pushed and did what I could. The stretching at the end was great. It felt soooooo good. My favorite session yet. Thanks. xox


Oh Wow I am pumped to try the workout from today...I do have to take today off as I have stressed my knee but it is it and I can slowly go back at it tomorrow and then ease back...apparently you should not go from nothing to everyday and expect your weak knee to keep is not reinjured woohoo just telling me today that I need to cut back a wwweeee bit... love reading the ideas the thoughts and all the encouragements on here..TAMI thank you so much for the knee instructions today love it ... you are quite famous here..who knew... I mentioned I was working out to a Lady in LA named... and two people screamed are you working out with Tami?? I am telling you I had no idea your fame..I am more humbled to be accepted in your challenge... heres to a fabulous day!

Jennifer's Update:

On being a carbivore... go HERE.

{thanks for the idea Tannis, easier to post and link!}

Link to Wednesdays workout-Booty Lift!!