Monday, May 31, 2010

Ok Here I am!!

Hi Everyone!
I am Darlene...I "met" Tami through a facebook challenge that my friend Kandace sent out offering us an amazing 6 week workout where in the offer did it say that I would be giving up diet where I double checked but hey I am over it... I am a mother of 2 and a step mom to 2 and I am still carrying a wee bit of the baby weight...mybaby just turned 18..yes years not months I know!!!Better late than never.. Iused to be quite "fit" as Iplayed a lot of sports 3 games of ball hockey and4 games of baseball per week..until 3 years ago at a base ball event ( sadly the windup not a game) i blew my ACL was severed and my MCL was damaged..however with our fantastic medical system I could not get surgery until last year...then re operated on March 1st of this now I am outta shape..big time! I received the ok from my surgeon and physiotherapsit to have no limitations the day I said yes to this challenge...with a few alterations as I can not yet kneel on the knee and some things are outta the question...aka Donkey kicks ha ha I will think of you as you do them... My diet plan needs attention and Tami is graciously everyday helping me out with that..who knew 30 lbs overweight had to do with what I was eating and not that I was no longer playing ball!!

All kidding aside..I am pumped to do well on this 6 week challenge...I am raring to try almost anything but will take my ol body some time to figure out the moves but I will not give up... since saying yes I have found willpower and determination through you ladies and Tami..I do not want to report I did not do it so it makes me do it! I am attempting to get the food right and will try to get the menu plan correct..I will not eat you know what they do in water??? But Hey...I am on the way..seriously If I can do this anyone can.. Here's to the best 6 week challenge ever completed!!

Thanks Tami...for not laughing your head off and for letting me be a part of your group...although I did hear laughing was good forthe abs....maybe I will film me attempting the spiderman pushups into burbee camel to cobra...and then we can all do less abs..till then drink H2O and go!!!

Challenge so far!

One week down and it feels great! Tracked my diet last week to learn something amazing, I GET TO EAT MORE!! YAY! I guess I have always been focused on eating less in order to be "healthy" and lose weight but after talking to Tami about it, we realized that I need to eat more!

I've put a few meal plans together for this week and I look forward to seeing how eating more will help increase my energy levels and boost my metabolism. My goal is to eat smaller amounts and eat more often, like every two hours! I had the day off today so I didn't follow my plan exactly but this week I'm going to work really hard to follow it perfectly!

Workouts last week were AWESOME! Thank you sooo much Tami and Charles, you guys did a great job and I REALLY appreciate all of the time and dedication you are putting into this challenge! I felt muscles that I never knew I had so it is very exciting, because I have worked out a lot before and never felt like this!

Today's workout with Tami and Tannis was hard but awesome! Man, did I sweat! It was great! I look forward to Wednesday!!

Thanks again Tami!!

before picture

A few of you have sent me your before picture and a few of you haven't.
Please just take one,and send it over.
 You'll be soo happy you did in 6 weeks.
Also a reminder to the few that haven't gotten the fit test back to me.
thanks ladies
keep up the hard work, it will be worth it !
Tami Tyson

Mondays workout 05/31/10
user name-plyocore password-0530

Here is the link for our workout today.
It is definitely one of my favorites. 
I look forward to hearing your thoughts
Have fun and work hard!

link to Tami's eating plan

I really thought a few of you needed to see this.
So please check out what i eat, it might help you to see it written down.
Bottom line for me is that i live my life full of energy and as healthy as i can be.
That is my goal, i only have one body and i want to take care of it the best way that i know how. I have a lot of plans and i want to make sure i am able to do them all with a strong body. I also want to teach my children how to live healthy, so it will just be a part of who they are. What an amazing gift to be able to give them, my mom did that for me and i am forever grateful.

Tami Tyson