Thursday, May 27, 2010

abs/cardio link

Here is the link for ABS/CARDIO
40 min workout{8528-1925-3592-2677}.flv


This week

First week of the challenge! YAY!

Really enjoyed the cardio/core workout on Tuesday! It was awesome! Wasn't really sore the next day which was good but it was DEFINITELY a great workout!

Looking forward to doing yesturday's and also Friday's. Won't be live on Friday but will get it done this weekend!!

Thanks Tami!!! xox

Jennifer's Review:

Yesterday was my official day to begin this challenge. A journey indeed. I am thankful that Tami not only considers the aspect of working our bodies, but also, sustaining our bodies with balanced nutrition. I sat in front of the meal planner for 45 minutes yesterday, just planning ONE DAY! Yikes. Apparently, I needed some help with creating balanced meals. I actually enjoyed planning our family's meals and felt great about choosing foods that compliment one another as well as our bodies. Also, it was so nice to know ahead of time just what we would be eating throughout the day. Because the great thing about this system is that my family can eat what I eat within the plan. It is food that we would normally be eating, just different combinations as well as being mindful of P O R T I O N I N G . So my new best friend... the measuring cup. And measuring spoon too!

What's for breakfast:

What's for lunch:

Now, for the workout. Wow. I haven't worked that hard, well, in a L O N G time. I did Tami's Cardio/Core session. It felt great. I worked up a sweat. I got my heart beat up. I felt exhausted. But in an exhilarating way. I felt muscles I don't think I've ever felt before. The constant up + down kicked my butt. Being that I did this session at home, for some reason I chose not to wear shoes. BIG MISTAKE. I ended up tearing off a piece of skin on my big toe. Ouch. My husband came in from walking the dog & I told him. I didn't want to stop my session though. Quick fix from the MR. first aid tape, and I was back at it again. Although in a bit of pain. Note to self: WEAR SHOES! After my workout, I was sure to rehydrate with one of our products, RAIN storm. It was my first time trying this product. So, I'm not sure if it was the product or the fact that I chose to stretch out a bit after my workout... but today, I do not hurt at all. Phew. I was worried about that. Not that I don't feel the workout today, because I do. But it feels good! Not that sore, I can barely move feeling I've had before. Just good. Thank you Tami. Not only do I adore you, your workout rocks & the nutrition plan is amazing. Praise indeed.

Thoughts from our challengers so far!

It was really good. My heart rate was nice and high and I was sure sweating so that's really good.

I feel like a superhero!

I really like your style, quite different from anything I've done before.
It's a wonderful psychological boost.  

EXCELLENT workout!!!! Thank you
I worked up a crazy sweat and feel great! EeeeeeKKKKKKK!!

I cannot wait to see what you have planned for Friday!


I Diiid it!! Sort of...

Tried the first workout...this AM and am still catching my I am outta shape it was a workout to go down and then back up you would be on your second burbee before I knew what was going on. I can not jump so I down sized the jumps to steps but still feel amazing that I stayed at it for the 40 minutes with you awesome I am outta shape you all look amazing...glad its on film and you don't have to watch!!
Thanks for the video link... must get more water/..see you soon!

NEW WORKOUT!{7169-5116-9237-9796}.flv

Charles did this workout on Wednesday for you ladies.
Have fun, and make sure to blog your thoughts about the workout.
Have a fantastic day,
Thursdays are my days to go over the food you have logged into our tracking program.
Looking forward to it.

Make it a GREAT day!
Tami Tyson