Tuesday, June 1, 2010

one week in...

Hello Ladies. I've read all your posts and worked out virtually with Tannis (not live). My name is Kristin. I met Tami last year when I was her daughter's 1st grade teacher! (Best girl, best parents.) I always wanted to join the bootcamp for moms, but I had to teach. The only silver lining to being laid-off has been getting BACK in shape with Tami!

I used to be active and skinny... I was a life guard, captain of crew in college... I even taught aerobics! I got back to a healthy weight after my first 2 kids, but after my 3rd I lost some of the weight and then packed it back on. I got to a point where I just didn't care. I didn't know where to start. In September I joined Tami's bootcamp and was making progress and getting strong! Then while packing the car for Christmas Vacation I broke my ankle! Put 10 more lbs on and started the challenge last week Tuesday.

I find logging into vitabot is difficult through out the day. I have been better about watching what I eat! And all through the holiday weekend I was really good. I've done something cardio/active everyday. Today I did the Santa Monica stairs again! Woo wee! They are brutal, but I LOVE the feeling you get the hours after you really get a good workout!

I'm down 2 pounds... I guess I have 28 to go? I'm just so happy to be involved and more accountable for right now. The only way to start changing, and getting healthy, strong, and hopefully slimmer, is to start and we've all done that. Let's keep going!! :) Kristin


I'm not sure how many blogs I can keep up these days but here's a link to a post I made about the challenge on my personal blog, in case anyone is interested.

Week 2 (for me)

I sure did work up a sweat with Stacey & Tami yesterday, it felt good when it wasn't stinging my eyes. My legs feel a bit fatigued (like when I'm climbing the stairs) but I'm not really sore today, unlike last week. I think I'm still using my quads more than my glutes though - something to focus on next time. Sit that butt back! I probably shouldn't say this for fear of pain, but I think I'd like to push my abs even harder next time. I'm excited about how much stronger I could be by the time I get back into hockey in fall!

Today was my first day that really felt tough on the nutrition front. The excitement is probably wearing off a little bit and last night and throughout the day I felt a cold setting into my sinuses. I feel blah and want to curl up in bed with a pot of tea and a good book. Funny how that doesn't happen when you have 3 kids. I don't think it's a coincidence that today I was really tempted to eat all of my favourite fatty & salty foods. My comfort foods. It worked pretty well to just stay out of the kitchen or try to think of a healthier version of what I was craving. Dry popcorn instead of buttered & salted, cottage cheese instead of cheddar...

Through the food analysis I've realized that my B vitamins tend to be low with almost no B12 at all. Iron and calcium are hit and miss. I don't think I would have come across that information if I hadn't been tracking this closely. Some things to keep my eye on.