Wednesday, June 23, 2010

jennifer's status:

So, first it was the week of very sick children and the ER visit that put a bit of a stumbling block into the challenge. And then, I felt so exhausted. I thought it was just the difficult week with my boys. But then... we found out. I'm pregnant! Right away, I contacted Tami to see if I could continue with the workouts. She gave me the go ahead. Now... if I could just have the energy, lack of nauseousness and perhaps a stronger will. I do plan on continuing with my new habit of working out. But I have indeed had a serious break in the routine. Which makes it difficult to rejoin. So, although my fit test will not quite look like what I had planned on it looking like at the end of these six weeks... I am just so happy to have this experience of thoughtfully planning meals and intentionally working out. I never worked out, at all, with my other two pregnancies. So, this will be a first. I look forward to seeing how this changes my pregnancy and birthing experience. It has indeed been a pleasure to connect in this space with all of you as we share our experiences in this challenge. Congratulations to all of you for making it this far. And thank you all for your support.


I am so often reminded that we need to take joy in the little things in life! and lately, you know, I'm feeling pretty joyful because I am setting a healthy example for my kids!

While working out the other day, I turned around to find my 6 yr old (Olivia) was doing, perfectly executed, one armed pushups. She took great joy in the fact that I could NOT do it!
and this morning while working out, my 4 yr old (Cooper) came downstairs, gave me a big hug, and said, "woa Mom, you're smok'n hot!