Monday, May 31, 2010

Ok Here I am!!

Hi Everyone!
I am Darlene...I "met" Tami through a facebook challenge that my friend Kandace sent out offering us an amazing 6 week workout where in the offer did it say that I would be giving up diet where I double checked but hey I am over it... I am a mother of 2 and a step mom to 2 and I am still carrying a wee bit of the baby weight...mybaby just turned 18..yes years not months I know!!!Better late than never.. Iused to be quite "fit" as Iplayed a lot of sports 3 games of ball hockey and4 games of baseball per week..until 3 years ago at a base ball event ( sadly the windup not a game) i blew my ACL was severed and my MCL was damaged..however with our fantastic medical system I could not get surgery until last year...then re operated on March 1st of this now I am outta shape..big time! I received the ok from my surgeon and physiotherapsit to have no limitations the day I said yes to this challenge...with a few alterations as I can not yet kneel on the knee and some things are outta the question...aka Donkey kicks ha ha I will think of you as you do them... My diet plan needs attention and Tami is graciously everyday helping me out with that..who knew 30 lbs overweight had to do with what I was eating and not that I was no longer playing ball!!

All kidding aside..I am pumped to do well on this 6 week challenge...I am raring to try almost anything but will take my ol body some time to figure out the moves but I will not give up... since saying yes I have found willpower and determination through you ladies and Tami..I do not want to report I did not do it so it makes me do it! I am attempting to get the food right and will try to get the menu plan correct..I will not eat you know what they do in water??? But Hey...I am on the way..seriously If I can do this anyone can.. Here's to the best 6 week challenge ever completed!!

Thanks Tami...for not laughing your head off and for letting me be a part of your group...although I did hear laughing was good forthe abs....maybe I will film me attempting the spiderman pushups into burbee camel to cobra...and then we can all do less abs..till then drink H2O and go!!!

Challenge so far!

One week down and it feels great! Tracked my diet last week to learn something amazing, I GET TO EAT MORE!! YAY! I guess I have always been focused on eating less in order to be "healthy" and lose weight but after talking to Tami about it, we realized that I need to eat more!

I've put a few meal plans together for this week and I look forward to seeing how eating more will help increase my energy levels and boost my metabolism. My goal is to eat smaller amounts and eat more often, like every two hours! I had the day off today so I didn't follow my plan exactly but this week I'm going to work really hard to follow it perfectly!

Workouts last week were AWESOME! Thank you sooo much Tami and Charles, you guys did a great job and I REALLY appreciate all of the time and dedication you are putting into this challenge! I felt muscles that I never knew I had so it is very exciting, because I have worked out a lot before and never felt like this!

Today's workout with Tami and Tannis was hard but awesome! Man, did I sweat! It was great! I look forward to Wednesday!!

Thanks again Tami!!

before picture

A few of you have sent me your before picture and a few of you haven't.
Please just take one,and send it over.
 You'll be soo happy you did in 6 weeks.
Also a reminder to the few that haven't gotten the fit test back to me.
thanks ladies
keep up the hard work, it will be worth it !
Tami Tyson

Mondays workout 05/31/10
user name-plyocore password-0530

Here is the link for our workout today.
It is definitely one of my favorites. 
I look forward to hearing your thoughts
Have fun and work hard!

link to Tami's eating plan

I really thought a few of you needed to see this.
So please check out what i eat, it might help you to see it written down.
Bottom line for me is that i live my life full of energy and as healthy as i can be.
That is my goal, i only have one body and i want to take care of it the best way that i know how. I have a lot of plans and i want to make sure i am able to do them all with a strong body. I also want to teach my children how to live healthy, so it will just be a part of who they are. What an amazing gift to be able to give them, my mom did that for me and i am forever grateful.

Tami Tyson

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello Ladies!

This is also my first time writing, so here is a little bio of me.
I also met Tami in the 90's. She gave me a good swift kick in the butt then, and she is doing it now again!
Love you Tami!
I am married, in my mid 30's, and a mother of 3 crazy kids!
I love to work out! That has never been my problem, but I also love food. I find that so much of my day is focused on it.
I work, so if I want to feed my family a healthy meal, I've got to think about what I'm making before I'm off to work. We are very social people, so I think about what I'm going to serve on Fri night while I'm grocery shopping on Wed. It all sounds very well organized, but it leaves me constantly thinking of food! grrr
I am so looking forward to building this support group over the next few weeks.
Thanks for already being a part of my life!

Small Victory

I went to a much anticipated party tonight, knowing it was going to be a big food challenge. Although I definitely went over my target calories for the day I managed to enjoy some treats without going overboard with the food or drinks. My body feels a lot better than it normally would after a night out like that!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Loving the Challenge

This is my first post here so I thought I'd do a quick intro. I'm a reasonably fit (I thought) mother of 3 but knew my core had never been strengthened after the babies and my workouts were getting old. I wasn't getting the results as quickly as I used to so I was finally ready to take a good look at my eating habits. This challenge was perfect timing. I had a hint of what I was getting into with Tami from doing a few of her classes in, I hate to say this, the mid-90's.

I have learned more about nutrition from tracking my food for a week than I would have believed possible. It's a bit painful to see the strange things I do - it's hard to log something like 1/2 slice of cheese, 3 broken crackers and a bread crust that I picked off of my kids' plate.

The cardio workout was awesome and completely stunned my body. I was sore for 4 days! I think I'll need a short extra warm-up ahead of time for future sessions. I felt really uncoordinated during Wednesday's core workout (maybe because I was still sore?). I don't have any yoga background and apparently no ab strength to speak of. Initially I didn't think I was working that hard and then I tried those last v-sits and had nothing left, I pretty much fell over. I did my first taped session today and it didn't work out as well. I wasn't at home and the wifi was sketchy. The good news is that although I had more breaks than I should have, I ended up repeating several parts. The ab work at the end was fantastic but really tough!

Here are a few photos in case anyone is interested in seeing what I look like when I'm not blundering around on the ooVoo screen.

Around my due date for #3.

This is closer to what I look like now but it's an older photo. No snow here!

new workout 05/27/2010

Todays video can be viewed here:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

abs/cardio link

Here is the link for ABS/CARDIO
40 min workout{8528-1925-3592-2677}.flv


This week

First week of the challenge! YAY!

Really enjoyed the cardio/core workout on Tuesday! It was awesome! Wasn't really sore the next day which was good but it was DEFINITELY a great workout!

Looking forward to doing yesturday's and also Friday's. Won't be live on Friday but will get it done this weekend!!

Thanks Tami!!! xox

Jennifer's Review:

Yesterday was my official day to begin this challenge. A journey indeed. I am thankful that Tami not only considers the aspect of working our bodies, but also, sustaining our bodies with balanced nutrition. I sat in front of the meal planner for 45 minutes yesterday, just planning ONE DAY! Yikes. Apparently, I needed some help with creating balanced meals. I actually enjoyed planning our family's meals and felt great about choosing foods that compliment one another as well as our bodies. Also, it was so nice to know ahead of time just what we would be eating throughout the day. Because the great thing about this system is that my family can eat what I eat within the plan. It is food that we would normally be eating, just different combinations as well as being mindful of P O R T I O N I N G . So my new best friend... the measuring cup. And measuring spoon too!

What's for breakfast:

What's for lunch:

Now, for the workout. Wow. I haven't worked that hard, well, in a L O N G time. I did Tami's Cardio/Core session. It felt great. I worked up a sweat. I got my heart beat up. I felt exhausted. But in an exhilarating way. I felt muscles I don't think I've ever felt before. The constant up + down kicked my butt. Being that I did this session at home, for some reason I chose not to wear shoes. BIG MISTAKE. I ended up tearing off a piece of skin on my big toe. Ouch. My husband came in from walking the dog & I told him. I didn't want to stop my session though. Quick fix from the MR. first aid tape, and I was back at it again. Although in a bit of pain. Note to self: WEAR SHOES! After my workout, I was sure to rehydrate with one of our products, RAIN storm. It was my first time trying this product. So, I'm not sure if it was the product or the fact that I chose to stretch out a bit after my workout... but today, I do not hurt at all. Phew. I was worried about that. Not that I don't feel the workout today, because I do. But it feels good! Not that sore, I can barely move feeling I've had before. Just good. Thank you Tami. Not only do I adore you, your workout rocks & the nutrition plan is amazing. Praise indeed.

Thoughts from our challengers so far!

It was really good. My heart rate was nice and high and I was sure sweating so that's really good.

I feel like a superhero!

I really like your style, quite different from anything I've done before.
It's a wonderful psychological boost.  

EXCELLENT workout!!!! Thank you
I worked up a crazy sweat and feel great! EeeeeeKKKKKKK!!

I cannot wait to see what you have planned for Friday!


I Diiid it!! Sort of...

Tried the first workout...this AM and am still catching my I am outta shape it was a workout to go down and then back up you would be on your second burbee before I knew what was going on. I can not jump so I down sized the jumps to steps but still feel amazing that I stayed at it for the 40 minutes with you awesome I am outta shape you all look amazing...glad its on film and you don't have to watch!!
Thanks for the video link... must get more water/..see you soon!

NEW WORKOUT!{7169-5116-9237-9796}.flv

Charles did this workout on Wednesday for you ladies.
Have fun, and make sure to blog your thoughts about the workout.
Have a fantastic day,
Thursdays are my days to go over the food you have logged into our tracking program.
Looking forward to it.

Make it a GREAT day!
Tami Tyson

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We  did our first workout today on line.
Tannis and Stacey joined me for a tough 40 min of cardio and core.
INTENSE I must say. These girls aren't joking around.
And neither are we.

For all of you who are planning to do the taped session it is up on OOVOO for you do do anytime.

Hope to see more of you on Friday at noon (my time)
Charles and I will be training together as a team, it will be fun and motivating as well as a great way to start the weekend!

Tami Tyson

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What is this blog about?

This is  a blog for everyone doing or 6 week challenge to share their experiences and results on.
To support one another on this 6 week challenge.
I look forward to getting to know all of you better and helping you get in the best shape of your life