Friday, July 9, 2010

6 Weeks flew by...

Hi My Most Inspiring Ladies I ever met...

I was one who could not complete the 6 weeks as I reinjured the knee and was waaaayyyy outta my league with you fitness wise..HOWEVER...I wore a dress to my sons Grad that I did not think possible, I make way different choices when I eat , I enjoy walking again...not backwards dogs upside down snakes and whatever the heck a plane is...I was pretzelled at most times trying to figure out where I should be...but you are all amazing and so uplifting and encouraging..I am glad I tried..I do not feel as thoughI failed..perhaps let some people down...but I will not give up...I may never be able to burpee into a spiderman walk superman pushup with no arms..but hey...I wore the mini dress...i chose salad not fries by choice and have not had potato chips in 6 weeks..HUGE for me... I am not eating no wheat germ yet..but never say never... good luck as you all go looking back...congrats to Tannis for the Moms to be....and all the others..but mostly Thank you Tami...for not giving up on me..encouraging me and for not judging me...but next time YELL at me..
Love to all Stay healthy..
darlene...aka Freezey!

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  1. love it, thanks so much for being a part of our challenge
    i am proud of you